Summer School 1


Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
27 Jun – 1 July 2016

The objective of the Summer School was to provide the attendees with a comprehensive overview on agrometeorological applications and crop modeling, basics of numerical weather prediction (NWP) and its application in agrometeorology.The program was open to graduate students (with a first university degree), PhD candidates, early-stage researchers and professionals willing to broaden their knowledge.

Internationally recognized scientists and specialists gave the lectures as well as the practical and lab work.

Exercises related to crop modeling (such as AquaCrop model) and NWP (WRF-ARV model) application took place in parallel sessions.

Main emphasis was on puting NWP model products which are not commonly used but can be very useful in agricultural production.

We had 38 participants in 3 exercise groups (Crop modelling, NWP and agrometeorological measurements) from 12 countries.
Here is ther opinion on the Summer School after they finished it (download).

Book of lectures from SS1 is added to the education part of the, here are the fast links to the book and students results.

Agrometeorology and agrometeorological measurements – Part 1
Agrometeorology and agrometeorological measurements – Part 2
Numeric Weather Prediction – soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer schemes
Crop modelling and AquaCrop
Results from the SS1:
Agrometeorological measurements 
Numerical weather prediction
Crop modelling