“Symposium on Advances on Meteorological application to Agriculture”

H2020 TWINNING – SERBIA FOR EXCELL final workshop

Workshop at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia,
in June 25-29 2018

The goal of the Workshop was to present the result from the SERBIA FOR EXCELL project together with its impact on education, science and cooperation. In the following text you can find Agenda, draft version of Book of abstracts and presentations of all speakers. Check the Galery for images from the Workshop.

Book of Abstract

Presentations from Workshop:

Day 1 – Education

Day 2 – Science

Day 3 – Cooperation


Workshop will comprize invited lectures and comprehensive overview of the results obtained during the project period. Focus will be on the improvement of education, research and cooperation activities in the area of agrometeorology, plant physiology and crop management.

Nov when we are getting closer to the Workshop. Here are some additional material for the lecturers. You can download the template for the presentation and abstract here .
We have some very interesting speakers in the field of education, science and international cooperation.

We have some very interesting speakers

  • Antonia Bierwirth, Tecnalia (Madrid, Spain), Invited speaker “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concept and application” and Presentation of “Tecnalia Corporación Tecnológica”
  • Silvia Ghilezan, Technical faculty, (Novi Sad, Serbia) “Doctoral School towards Knowledge Based Society”

The draft book of abstracts you can download here, Book of Abstract

Application open: 01.03.2018
Application closed 15.04.2018
Accepted applications: 01.05.2018
Information of acceptance: 16.05.2018

All participants must provide application form together with letter of interest (free form).

Application form for participants from BOKU, UNIFI (students from these institutions are eligible for the traveling and accommodation grant) (download here).
Application form for participants from other institutions (download here).
Send it to:

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