Childrens University

Children University at PFNS

During the course of two days June 9 and June 12, 2017, Childrens University was held at PFNS by members of SERBIA FOR EXCELL team.
Children from the elementary school “Tvrdjava” from Novi Sad, were placed in two age groups.

Young group: 2-4 grade; Children: 12
Topic: What is climate change? Ice melting and increasing the sea level. What is science and scientific research?
Experimental: How much melting of ice floating in water increases the level of liquid versus ice that is on the shore and flows into water (Material: clay, water, ice, lazier).

Older group: 5-7 grade; Children: 14
What is climate change? Why is atmosphere heating up? What is greenhouse effect? What is science and scientific research? What are pseudo-science and proto-science, the process of concluding science?
Experimental: computer model (Interaction of earth, atmosphere, solar radiation and CO2).
Used model can be found on this link.