Problem Solver winner for 2018

We have a winner of the Exit ticket from 2018! Her name is Leonora Shabani and she is a student of Faculty of Agriculture.

Problem: Global water scarcity has a critical impact on food security. Water is the biggest limiting factor in the world’s ability to feed a growing population and the link between food, energy, climate, economic growth, and human security challenges. Agriculture is both a victim and a cause of water scarcity. But, some agricultural practices can ensure the rational use of water. What is the agricultural solution that can make at least a little impact on water scarcity?

Solution: One of them is drip irrigation technology. It saves large amounts of water while improving horticultural results. It places water directly on the soil, above the feeder roots, instead of spraying it into the air or over the surface of the ground at high pressures and volumes. Water applied by drip irrigation is less subject to wind, runoff and evaporation.
Advantages of Drip Irrigation:
1. Maximum use of available water.
2. No water being available to weeds.
3. Maximum crop yield.
4. High efficiency in the use of fertilizers.
5. Less weed growth and restricts population of potential hosts.
6. Low labour and relatively low operation cost.
7. No soil erosion.
8. Improved infiltration in soil of low intake.
9. Ready adjustment to sophisticated automatic control.
10. No runoff of fertilizers into ground water.
11. Less evaporation losses of water as compared to surface irrigation.
12. Improves seed germination.
13. Decreased to tillage operations.