Short term scientific visits – STSV

Short term scientific visits of the SERBIA FOR EXCELL project have the purpose to Strength networking among PFNS and BOKU and identify common research topics, design and perform research activities, and prepare joint publications. Another task is improvement of curricula.
The first short term scientific visit (STSV No. 1) took place from 11th until 25th of May 2016.
To fulfil the project tasks, and since IM and MPD are plant physiologists who up to now never used crop models, the work plan for STSV No. 1 was as follows:

  1. To get an overview of different types of crop models and their features.
  2. To understand the application of crop models on different research problems and various crop species.
  3. To improve knowledge on measurement techniques used in meteorological studies.
  4. To consider possibilities to upgrade research from small-scale experiments done mostly under semi-controlled conditions to crop physiology studies.
  5. To improve teaching curricula in the subjects connected to plant stress resilience.

11 May – 25 May 2016, Vienna