PS, May 2018

We are happy to announce and show you our Problem Solver winners for May 2018!

Problem Solution
How to prevent high concentrate nitrates in vegetables?
Desipte many mineral materials, vegetables have some harmful materials. In first place harmful nitrates make some negative changes in human body. Microbiological route nitrates transform in nitrites, and they are involved in oxidation of hemoglobin. Nitrites bind to oxidized iron from hemoglobin,which prevents the transport of oxygen into the cells. This phenomenon is known as methemoglobinemia.
The addition of nitrate,insofar as it is related to the type and variety of vegetables, depends to a large extent on fertilization (nitrogen) and climatic conditions. In the absence of light and lower temperatures, the nitrate content is significantly increased. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in vegetables grown in a protected area.
High content of nitrates can be prevented by using ammonia forms of nitrogen fertilizers, ie using slowly degrading fertilizers, and from organic manure. Nitrate collection can be prevented by correct distribution of fertilization, because the adoption of nitrogen is not uniformly during the vegetation period.
Excessive use of nigrogen, in addition to increasing production costs, may adversely affect the yield and health of products and lead to pollution of the environment.

by Vojnović i Radonjanin