XIX Symposium of vegetable producers

XIX Symposium of vegetable producers was held under the title “Contemporary vegetable production” – Master Center of the Novi Sad Fair

XIX Symposium, traditionally organized by the Vojvodina’s Society of Vegetable producers and the Village Committee of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts was organized on request of vegetable producers, agronomists, experts and scientific public. Since this year Congress Center “Master” of Novi Sad Fair joined as well. The conference gathered around 350 participants/listeners from all over the region and about 100 representatives of companies that had their stands in the hall.

Numerous problems that accompany the production of vegetables, but also bright examples, are good enough reasons that at the beginning of this year, vegetable growers from all over Serbia and the region gather.

This Symposium was an excellent opportunity to gather together producers of vegetables, vegetable associations, representatives of cooperatives, leading domestic and foreign companies, whose production programs are related to the production of vegetables in the open field and in the greenhouses, media representatives and recognized experts and representatives of authorities.

The goal of the Symposium was to improve vegetable production. This can be done, among other means, by the correct selection of the most productive varieties and / or hybrids of vegetables, regular and timely irrigation, as well as the implementation of regular measures of care, protection from the diseases, pests and weeds.